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2021 State's Attorney's Conference


What You Need to Know About Marijuana

Ryan Hutton, Extract -ED

State Lab Report

Robyn Quinn, North Dakota Attorney, General State Toxicology Lab Director

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Substance Abuse Prevention and Early Intervention

James Knopik, Manger, Addiction and Prevention Programs and Policy, DHS

Trying a DRE/Impaired Driving Case

Kristi Venhuizen, North Dakota TRSP

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US Supreme Court Update

Ken Stecker, Michigan TSRP

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Oral Fluid Roadside Testing in Michigan

Ken Stecker, Michigan TSRP

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Drug Trends and Psychosis

Jen Knudsen, Colorado TSRP

Oral Fluid Analysis

Janelle Portscheller, Toxicology Unit Biological Section Technical Leader State Lab

Medical Marijuana Developments

Tara Brandner, Assistant Attorney General, ND Attorney General Office

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Highway Patrol Report

Colonel Brandon Solberg, Superintendent of the NDHP

ND DOT Vision Zero

Bill Panos - Director, NDDOT

Overview of DRE Program and 12-Step Evaluation Process

Tarek Chase, ND State DRE Coordinator, NDHP

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2021 Criminal and Traffic law Legislative Changes

Aaron Birst - NDSAA Executive Director and ND TSRP

Donnell Preskey Hushka - Sheriff's Association Executive Director